Megalim Solar Power

Megalim Solar Power Ltd. is the SPC concessionaire of the Ashalim "Plot B" 28 year B.O.T project for the construction and operation of a concentrated solar power (CSP) tower-design electricity generation facility at a total installed capacity of 121 MW.

Derech-Eretz Highway

The Cross Israel Highway - Toll Road #6, operating since 2004. Designed to provide an efficient north-south transportation corridor and currently it is 140km long.

IDF Training Center

The Army Training Center in the South of Israel  will be comprised of 250,000 square meters of built-up areas, designed to accommodate 11,000 soldiers.

Energy Works Hull Limited

Halutziot Enlight

Energy Works Hull Limited is the SPC of a 28 MWp waste-to-energy gasification facility currently being built in Hull, northeast of England, one of the largest of its kind.

Operating since 2015, Halutziot project is one of the largest photovoltaic solar parks in Israel, covering 100 hectares.

Built by M+W and has a production capacity of 55 MWp.


Noy Fund was established in May 2011 through the initiative of its anchor investors, Poalim Capital Markets (a member of the Poalim group) and the Clal Group, two of Israel’s leading investment groups. The Fund's managers enjoy the strong support of the local capital markets, raising over US$1100 million from many of Israel's largest institutional investors, to the fund and to co-investment vehicle.


Over the past two decades the Noy Fund team members have been involved in almost every large scale infrastructure project executed in Israel and have had a significant contribution to the development of the project finance practice in Israel.


The experience gained and relationships formed by Noy Fund's team uniquely positions it to invest and manage projects in the infrastructure sector.





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Azrieli round tower

Tel Aviv,  Israel

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PINCHAS (Pini) COHEN   Chairman

GIL-AD BOSHWITZ   Managing Partner


IDAN BENOSH   Investment Manager

DROR  DVIR    Investment Manager

RAN SHELACH   Managing Partner

NOY  DOR    Investment Manager


GIL RAVEH Legal Advisor

SHIRI BELZER  Controller

AMIT BRUNER   Controller

SHLOMO ZOHAR  Investments committee

MOR  PLONSKI  Administrative Manger

GIL GRESHLER   Investments committie