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Nateev Express

Nateev Express, a prominent player in the public transportation sector, was founded in 2001 in response to the Israeli government's initiative to privatize bus services for public transport. Since 2014, Nateev Express has successfully operated 233 public transportation routes in the Galilee region. Furthermore, the company efficiently manages routes connecting Safed and the Meron area to key destinations in Israel's center and south. Presently, Nateev Express have over 900 employees, including more than 700 skilled bus drivers, and maintain a fleet of 530 buses.

In addition to its core operations, Nateev Express extends its influence through subsidiary ventures. One such subsidiary, Beit Shemesh Express, serves the bustling cities of Beit Shemesh, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv, and Kiryat Gat, operating 26 public transportation lines and maintaining a fleet of 241 buses. Another subsidiary is Cable Express, which manages and upholds six cable car stations along a 4.2-kilometer route in the city of Haifa.

Noy Fund holds a 50% stake in Nateev Express.


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