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Star Pumped Storage

Star Pumped Storage project focused on the design, construction, operation, and ownership of a 344 MW power plant in Kochav Hayarden, Israel, based on pumped storage technology.

At the heart of this impressive project lie two reservoirs, each with a capacity of 3 million cubic meters, interconnected by a tunnel system equipped with two hydroelectric turbines, boasting an impressive individual capacity of 172 MW. These turbines can generate electricity by harnessing the force of gravity, and can also pump water back up, leveraging surplus electricity production.

As a significant national infrastructure project, this project shall have a significant impact on the Israeli Electricity Sector. With a capability to inject 344 MW of power into the National Grid in under 2 minutes, the project promises to enhance the Grid's stability and may even obviate the necessity to construct additional conventional power stations. Currently, a joint consortium comprising Sinohydro Corporation and GE (formerly Alstom Hydro France) is actively engaged in the project's construction. The project will be operated by GE Renewable Energy Ltd.

Noy Fund collaborates with Hutchison Water as its partner in this project.

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