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Negev Energy - Ashalim

Ashalim (Plot A) Thermo-Solar power plant was built as part of a B.O.T (build, operate, transfer) project for planning, financing, building, and operating a 121 MW parabolic turf thermo-solar power plant.

In this facility, solar radiation is primarily concentrated to produce thermal energy (heat) and is converted into electricity by conventional means (steam turbines) by using thermo-solar technology, where natural gas is used for reinforcement/backup only, while generating clean electricity and reducing air pollution. Construction and operation of the project are governed by a 28-year concession agreement.

The project operates since 2019 and has significantly contributed to economic development and employment in the Negev: during the construction period, hundreds of people were employed, and dozens more will be employed over the facility's lifetime. Upon commencement of operation, all of the electricity generated in the facility is sold to the Israeli Electricity Company under a 25-year contract.

Local and foreign lenders financed the project, including the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Development Finance Corporation (DFC), and Israel's Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim.

The Spanish TSK Group and Shikun & Binui Ltd. are Noy's partners in the project.

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