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Star Pumped Storage Ltd.

Star Pumped Storage Ltd. is the SPC holding a conditional license to build and operate a 340 MW power plant in Kochav Hayarden, Israel, based on pumped storage technology.

The project's scope includes two reservoir of 3 million m3 each. The water will be drained from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir through two turbines with a capacity of 170MW each, which will produce the electricity as a result of their movement. The turbines will also be used to raise the water up during night time, utilizing the electricity production surpluses.

This national infrastructure project is expected to have a significant impact on the Israeli Electricity Sector: it will back up the National Grid with 340MW available in less than 2 minutes, contribute to the Grid's stability and may spare the need to build additional conventional power station.

An EPC agreement was signed with a joint consortium, comprising Sinohydro Corporation and Alstom Hydro France (which was acquired by GE). In addition, an operation and maintenance agreement was signed with GE Renewable Energy Ltd. Partners include Tahal Group and Hutchison Water.

Status: on-going investment

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