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Toll Road 6

Derech Eretz Highways (1997) Ltd. is the concessionaire for the Yitzhak

Rabin Highway (Route 6), also known as the Cross Israel Highway, the first and largest toll road in Israel to date, operating since 2004. The Highway is designed to provide an efficient north to south transportation corridor. The road which was originally initiated as a 140km long road, already introduced additional segments of 30km with more under construction and planning.

The road includes to date about 20 intersections, 2 tunnels of more than 1km, ecological corridor and about 150 bridges. The road also introduced for the first in Israel a state-of-the art electronic toll collection (ETC) system, which eliminate the delay on toll roads by collecting tolls electronically.

Cross Israel Highway was one of the first B.O.T projects executed in Israel and is one of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken in Israel in recent years.

As one of its first anchor investments, Noy Fund invested in the project in 2011.

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